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The Brokk family of demolition equipment provides the contractor with a small, mobile, and powerful machine with great reach. Because of their size, these mobile machines have access to and operate in tight, confined, and oftentimes hazardous job sites, which helps to keep your employees safe. Their electric operation provides an outstanding level of power while keeping noise levels and pollution to a minimum. They provide complete flexibility through their quick attachment and use of a variety of buckets, crushers, grapples, hammers, scabblers, and shears.
One machine typically replaces numerous personnel with hand tools. This makes the job safer and more efficient, which means more profit margin for the contractor.


Small size; capable of working in limited-access, confined, or hazardous areas

Powerful electro-hydraulic machines with outstanding reach and mobility

Remote-controlled systems provide operators with a better margin of safety

Non-polluting, quiet electric operation allows their use in sensitive areas

A variety of attachments make these machines extremely flexible


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